Centre for Road Safety

Overall length of 7.5m or greater

A caravan and towing vehicle with a combined overall length of 7.5m or greater is required to have a ‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ sign attached to its rear, if the vehicle and caravan combination intend to momentarily occupy an adjacent lane (‘straddle’) when making a turn.

Straddling lanes to turn allows the driver additional space to turn safely, especially on tight bends.

‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ signs also require other vehicles to give way.

Please note: Straddling adjacent lanes while turning without the warning sign displayed is illegal in NSW.

The requirement to have a ‘DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE’ warning sign attached is common across most states and territories to allow the straddling of lanes, and is part of the model law Australian Road Rules (PDF, 6.3MB).

The requirements for NSW can be found in the NSW Road Rules 2014.


Preferred sign

The preferred sign should have a minimum area of 0.125 square metres, and the words “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE” should appear on the sign in block letters, with a height of not less than 50 millimetres. This sign is the most visible to other drivers, providing them sufficient warning to provide caravans and towing vehicles room to manoeuvre while turning.

Other acceptable signs

Alternate acceptable “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE” signs include one measuring 300mm by 100mm, and another measuring 300mm by 300mm.

More information on using and fitting Rear Marking Plates can be found on the National Code of Practice Rear Marking Plates (PDF, 946KB).