Centre for Road Safety

Helping young drivers (49 seconds)

[Close-up of Trei Stewart, learner driver, then interior shots as he drives a car.]

Trei: One of the things I’m looking forward to is the freedom that comes with having a licence and when the time came for the program to be here, I said ‘Oh snap,’ this program’s here, I’m going to take advantage of that, you know what I mean?

[A learner driver attaches an L plate to the front of a car and is then shown driving with an instructor in the passenger seat.]

[Bernard Carlon, Executive Director, Centre for Road Safety is shown with a busy urban road in the background.]

Bernard: The DLAP program is really exciting. It actually provides those people that are disadvantaged in our community the opportunity to get their licence

[Hollie Taggart, DLAP participant, is shown in front of a car, then driving around urban streets with P plates displayed on the car.]

Hollie: It was good to get my licence because when I didn’t have it I wasn’t independent. I had to rely on people to get me to places, so it was great because I definitely felt really independent.

Bernard: And we also know that when we get drivers through the graduated licensing scheme that we’ve halved the number of young people involved in fatal crashes.

[Separate shots show Hollie and Trei driving.]

Trei: I myself am just so grateful that something like this exists.

End: NSW Government logo.

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