Centre for Road Safety

Up-tempo music plays in a continuous soundtrack.

Graphic: Safer Drivers Course for young learner drivers.

Graphic: Preparing for your Ps

[A video of a Giants academy learner driver inside a car with an instructor is projected on a scoreboard-style graphic.]

Scoreboard graphic: Starring GWS Giants Academy players

[A series of shots show two academy players about to enter the Giants Learning Life Centre, a net behind the goals, sprinklers watering an oval, the Giants lined up with arms linked on the field before the start of a match, and Giants photos framed on a clubhouse wall.]

[Close-up show Giants Academy player Pat.]

Graphic: Pat – Safer driver star

Pat: Hi, my name’s Pat.

[Close-up show Giants Academy player Connor.]

Graphic: Connor – Safer driver star

Connor: My name’s Connor.

[Close-up show Giants Academy player Alex Johnstone.]

Graphic: Alex – Safer driver star

Alex: I’m Alex Johnstone.

[Close-up show Giants Academy player Billy Lambert.]

Graphic: Billy – Safer driving star

Billy: Billy Lambert.

[Close-up show Giants Academy player James Monks.]

Graphic: James – Safer driving star

James: My name’s James Monks. So, I’m 17 and I can’t wait to take advantage of the 20 hours that the driving course is going to give me.
Scoreboard graphic: Learn what you can control

[Academy players enter a training room and sit around a table where a Safer Drivers Course trainer gives a lesson on how to stay in control.]

Trainer: So whenever we’re driving, we’re always trying to bring those things that are outside of our of control inside our circle of control.

[Giants player use a white board to write responses to course activities on alcohol, fatigue and distraction.]

[The trainer stands in front of a white board and speaks to academy players.]

Trainer: So you’ve been out with your friends and they’re all really pushing you for a lift home. So, what are the risks of the scenario?

Graphic: Action (what you observed), Impact (what the impact is)

Connor: You’re tired ‘cause it’s a late night.

Trainer: Yep.

Connor: Distractions on the road.

[We see the view from the back seat as Connor drives a car.]

Driving instructor: So I’m looking around to see who’s doing what.

[Shot shows Connor at the wheel, a driving instructor in the passenger seat and Billy in the back seat.]

Instructor: See these cars here in front of us, who’s behind you. He’s quite anxious, isn’t he, this guy behind you.

Scoreboard graphic: Learn to manage distractions

[Giants players stand in a circle in the clubhouse as they try and juggle tennis balls.]

Safer Drivers Course trainer: So people try and manage to do a whole heap of things when they’re driving. So they’re not just focused on their driving.

[The trainer holds a tennis ball in each hand as he talks to the academy players.]

Trainer: So what they’re doing is getting themselves quite scattered.

[The players are shown back in the training room sitting around a table as they listen to the trainer.]

Trainer: It’s hard for our brain to sort of focus on everything, yeah?

You’re almost taking a step back trying to track everything and get stuff out of your peripheral vision.

[Shot shows James Monks in the driver’s seat as he closes the car window, turns off the radio and adjusts the rear vision mirror.]

Scoreboard graphic: Learn low risk driving techniques

[Close-up in the car shows the driving instructor holding a manual open at a page titled: Drive 2 – Recognise and respond to hazards.]

[Close-up of Connor driving.]

[We see the view of urban traffic through the front windscreen of the car.]

Driving instructor: Nicely. Down here.

[Shot of Billy at the wheel, the instructor in the passenger seat and Connor in the back seat.]

Instructor: Three-second gap. That’s what we are looking for.

[We see the view through the front windscreen as a player drives through traffic on busy urban streets.]

Driving instructor voice-over: So all the time we’re reading, we’re seeing what’s happening, we’re looking at what other cars on the road are doing, what the hazards …  what hazards are around. And that changes every scene that we go through, every street.

Scoreboard graphic: Safer Drivers Course for young learner drivers

Scoreboard graphic: Earn 20 hours of log book credit

Scoreboard graphic: Prepare for your P’s

Scoreboard graphic: Book at saferdrivers.nsw.gov.au

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