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Centre for Road Safety

With support from motorcycle groups and our other partners, we develop ways to improve safety for motorcycle riders. Some of these include:

  • The MotoCAP website with product ratings to help choose the right helmets, jackets, pants and gloves for the best protection and comfort when your ride
  • The Ride to Live website with hazard tests to check your responses to different risks, interactive maps of popular riding routes, and safe riding tips
  • The Ride to Live campaign focusing on the risks that motorcyclists face on the road and how to best manage them
  • Signs on popular scenic routes where motorcycle crashes are more frequent, including the Royal National Park, Putty Road and the Wollombi Loop north of Sydney
  • Our sponsorship of Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Reduce risks for a safer ride

Motorcycle riders are more exposed and risk serious injuries if they are in a crash. Over the five-year period 2014 to 2018 (preliminary), 306 motorcyclists were killed and more than 12,100 hospitalised from injuries sustained in crashes on NSW roads.

By choosing safer helmets and riding gear, motorcyclists can ensure they have the best protection. Riders should also:

Food delivery drivers

Motorcycle food delivery riders face various risks on our roads, which is why it’s important to know how to protect yourself in the road environment. Food delivery riders has tips and information to help keep you safe while riding.

Working together

We work closely with motorcycle riders and groups including the: