Centre for Road Safety

Motorcycle riders face more dangers on the road than drivers. International research indicates that, per kilometre of vehicle travel, motorcycle riders are about 34 times more likely to be killed in a crash than vehicle occupants.

Scanning, setting up and buffering are three essential elements for safe motorcycle riding. A three-second crash avoidance gives you time to react and respond to situations in front of you. You should set up for any situation when there is potential for something to enter the space three seconds in front of your motorcycle.

The Ride to Live website has detailed riding tips and safety information to help motorcyclists stay safe on the roads. Riders can find information on keeping a safe distance, cornering skills, group riding, first aid, motorcycle maintenance and what to do at a crash site.

There are also a suite of videos for motorcycle enthusiasts created in partnership between Transport for NSW, Stories of Bike and Pipeburn. The Roads We Ride safety videos feature scenic roads and the riders who know them well, and include routes on the Putty Road, Old Pacific HighwayMacquarie Pass and Waterfall Way.