Centre for Road Safety

Stay active and healthy

Riding a bicycle is a great way to keep healthy and active. Follow our tips to improve your safety when you ride.

Plan your route

Choose your route carefully, avoiding high traffic areas. Ride on quieter streets, bicycle paths or shared paths.

Use hand signals

Give hand signals when changing lanes or turning left or right.

Ride in a predictable manner

When riding, be mindful of other road users, so that they don’t have to react suddenly to your movements.

Make yourself visible

Make yourself easier to see by wearing bright, light or reflective clothing.

Always wear your helmet

Always wear an approved bicycle helmet and make sure it’s properly fitted and fastened.

Follow the road rules

Make sure you follow the road rules, especially at traffic lights, stop signs and give way signs.

Our Go Together campaign has more information to help bicycle riders understand the laws that allow everyone  to respect each other's space and Go Together safely on our roads. 

Check that your gear works

Make sure you have working brakes, front and rear lights and a bell.

Avoid riding if you feel unwell

If you are feeling unwell or tired, stop, take a break or don’t ride.