Centre for Road Safety

Detecting changes in your own driving abilities can be difficult. These examples include some of the signs and situations that show your ability to drive safely might be changing.

Signs of changes in your driving ability

  • Constantly feeling tired when driving
  • Finding it difficult to read signs, see in poor light or cope with glare
  • Experiencing a number of ‘close calls’ or near misses, or being involved in a crash
  • Friends or family expressing their concerns about your driving
  • Nervousness and loss of confidence when behind the wheel
  • Reacting to medications and feeling less alert or coordinated
  • Finding it difficult to turn your head and see over your shoulder
  • Finding it hard to handle difficult driving situations, including:
    • being surprised by passing cars
    • braking harder than normal for hazards
    • going through red lights or stop signs
    • turning too fast or too slowly
    • backing into or over objects
    • running over the kerb
    • keeping the car centred in a lane
    • judging when to turn at intersections.