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Centre for Road Safety

Doctors and medical services

If you’re concerned that your health is affecting your driving, visit a medical practitioner. They can help to manage any medical conditions you may have and minimise any effects on your driving abilities.

Your doctor can also refer you to other healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists and optometrists, who can assist you to  remain fit to drive.

Ensuring you have regular check-ups with your medical practitioner is also important, even if you’re not concerned about your health or driving abilities. Your doctor will know your health status and can assist to identify any changes that could be affecting your driving.

Remember, too, that your doctor can assist with other health issues that affect your ability to use the roads safely.

Family and friends

Friends and family can be a source of support, not only for your transport needs, but also to warn you of changes to your driving that you may not have noticed. If they express concerns about your driving, it’s important to keep an open mind to get the best solution for your circumstances.

If you feel worried that you depend too much on your family for transport, consider setting up a support network of friends, neighbours or club members to help you get around.

Support and information services

The transition from full-time driving can often make us fearful of losing our mobility and independence, but there are many services to help us adjust to the changes in lifestyle.

Our list of contacts and services includes organisations that can help you with specific needs or provide you with other transport options.