Centre for Road Safety

Appointed school bus stops

Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, and local government representatives worked with BusNSW and other bus stakeholders to develop a guide for appointed school bus stops.

Sometimes referred to as ‘fixed’ or ‘formal’ bus stops, appointed school bus stops are those regularly used by school children. Appointed school bus stops are sometimes established solely for school buses, but are usually also used for other route services.

The Guide to Appointed School Bus Stops (PDF, 576Kb) has been developed to assist councils and Roads and Maritime Services staff to determine appropriate and consistent locations, features and layouts for appointed school bus stops in both urban and rural areas, and on both council and Roads and Maritime-managed roads.

The guide does not provide regulations and requirements for bus stops situated at schools and school zones. These form part of a ‘school bus stop zone’ as described in NSW Road Rules 2008.

Informal school bus stops

In NSW, there are thousands of informal school bus stops, particularly in rural and regional areas. Informal school bus stops are not sign-posted or developed as formal bus stops.

Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime worked with BusNSW and other bus stakeholders to develop Advice for choosing locations of informal school bus stops (PDF 105Kb).

This advice is available to help anyone involved in selecting or reviewing locations for informal school bus stops.