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Centre for Road Safety

Brake modifications must comply

When a vehicle’s braking system is modified in a way that may affect its safety, it must be assessed by a certifier.

If you have a significantly modified vehicle or a non-standard vehicle, it must be inspected by a NSW Government accredited representative. The Transport for NSW website has details about the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS), where licensed certifiers assess vehicles and modifications.

Brake Assessment Manual

The Transport for NSW website also has detailed information on brake assessment procedures in the Brake Assessment Manual (PDF, 2.54Mb).

Under the VSCCS, modified vehicles and non-standard vehicles may be assessed to determine if they comply with legislated vehicle standards. Vehicles that comply with the standards and do not pose a safety risk are issued with a VSCCS compliance certificate. Non-standard vehicles include individually constructed and some imported vehicles.

Brake Modifications - Overview video

This video supports the key steps of each assessment method in the Brake Assessment Manual, which details the different methods and regulations for assessing vehicle braking system modifications.

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Dynamic Road Tests video

This video shows practical demonstrations of the tests specified in the Brake Assessment Manual. The video should be viewed in conjunction with the manual, which provides details of how to conduct the tests and use the results.

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