Centre for Road Safety

Make sure your bull bar is legal

Some bull bars being used in NSW do not comply with laws introduced in 2003. Our Bull bar tolerances and conditions document (PDF, 708Kb) provides clear advice about the types of bull bars that are allowed on NSW roads. Dangerous bull bars pose a greater risk to pedestrians and other road users.

Exemption extended until 2019

The exemption period has been extended to September 2019. The extension of the Order will enable the development and implementation of an education campaign for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

The objective is to provide a greater understanding of the safety benefits of bull bars, particularly the protection provided at times of animal strike, based on the research completed by the Centre for Road Safety.

This body of work will ensure that bull bar policy into the future meets the safety needs of motorists in our community without having negative impacts on pedestrian safety.

The extension will also allow for the collection of data to further understand the prevalence of bull bars in NSW.

Clearer guidelines

We are working to provide better guidance to the public and manufacturers about the types of bull bars that are allowed in NSW. We are also working with the police and other enforcement officers to provide clear advice on bull bar regulations.