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Centre for Road Safety

Is your bull bar legal?

Bull bars used in NSW must comply with the Technical Specification: Requirements for vehicle frontal protection systems fitted to light vehicles (PDF, 2.1Mb).

Reference to this Technical Specification is now included in Schedule Two of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 creating a clear and ongoing regulatory framework for the safe use of bull bars in NSW.

Clear requirements for safe bull bar use in NSW

From 16 September, the Technical Specification (previously referred to as Bull Bar Tolerances and Conditions) will continue to provide clear and consistent guidance to motorists and industry stakeholders to help ensure that any bull bar that they purchase, sell, install or manufacture for sale is permitted under NSW regulations.

The Technical Specification will also ensure vehicles meet other applicable standards affected by the bull bar, such as ground clearance, width, obscured lights and number plates, and the driver’s view of the road.

There are no major changes

This Technical Specification replaces, on an ongoing basis, previous requirements that have been in place since 2014 under a series of Ministerial Exemption Orders. It will be ‘business as usual’ as  making the Technical Specification permanent does not result in material changes for motorists and industry stakeholders.

Please note a bull bar is a type of Vehicle Frontal Protection System (VFPS). VFPS is the term used in the Regulation to encompass bull bars, nudge bars and similar devices fitted to the front of a vehicle.

The main requirements contained in the Technical Specification are summarised in Is your bull bar legal? (PDF, 906Kb).