Centre for Road Safety

Higher standards of vehicle safety are vital in the campaign to reduce the road toll and make driving safer on NSW roads.

Vehicle safety ratings for new and used cars help buyers make informed decisions on choosing the safest vehicles. The ratings, between one and five stars, are based on how well each vehicle protects its occupants in a crash. Your choice of car can be the difference between you surviving or being seriously injured or killed if you are in a crash.

A vehicle’s brakes are its most important crash avoidance system. When brakes are modified in a way that may affect a vehicle’s safety, they must be assessed by a certifier.

Brake assessment for modified vehicles provides details on the different methods and regulations that apply to ensure modified braking systems comply with legislated vehicle standards. 

Drivers who wear a seatbelt double their chances of survival and reduce the risk of injury in a crash. On average in NSW, about one person loses their life each week because they did not wear a seatbelt.

Safety advancements such as side airbags and electronic stability control are other important factors to consider when buying a safe car.

Our tyre safety tips provide practical advice to help ensure your vehicle's tyres are safe and well maintained.