Centre for Road Safety

Centre for Road Safety

P-plate drivers

Find which vehicles you are allowed to drive
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It's a two way street

Our video encourages respect between drivers and cyclists
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Be Bus Aware

Our campaign helps everyone stay safe on and around buses
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Centre for Road Safety News

Mobile Drug Testing

Our new MDT campaign warns drivers that NSW Police can test them for drugs anytime, anywhere, there’s no escaping it. Read more

Changes to mobile phone offences

From this Christmas holiday period, double demerits will apply to mobile phone offences, while from early next year, the penalty for drivers caught using their their mobile phone illegally will increase from three to four points. Read more

Western Sydney Wanderers tackle speeding

Watch Wanderers players in our new video to see who they slow down for, as they join our Don't Rush campaign to target speeding, the biggest killer on our roads. Read more

Get your hand off it

Watch our new TV commercial that warns drivers of the dangers of illegal mobile phone use and the serious dangers of taking your eyes off the road. Read more

Choose the safest used cars

The Buyer’s Guide to Used Car Safety Ratings 2015-16 helps identify safer second-hand models, while our crash test videos show how a safer car could save your life in a crash. Read more