Centre for Road Safety

Centre for Road Safety

P-plate drivers

Find which vehicles you are allowed to drive
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It's a two way street

Our video encourages respect between drivers and cyclists
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They're counting on you

Scott Cam.

Watch Scott Cam in our driveway safety video
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Centre for Road Safety News

Choose the safest used cars

The Buyer’s Guide to Used Car Safety Ratings 2015-16 helps identify safer second-hand models, while our crash test videos show how a safer car could save your life in a crash. Read more

FleetCAT trial

Our Road Safety Technology team is testing collision avoidance technology systems in the NSW state vehicle fleet, using audio and visual alerts to warn drivers of potential crashes. Read more

Timers help pedestrians

Pedestrian countdown timers will be installed across NSW at 29 busy intersections to help pedestrians cross safely within the allotted time. Read more

Traffic signal phasing protects pedestrians

New traffic light phasing and infrastructure at 560 intersections to better-protect pedestrians from turning vehicles at intersections. Read more

Sydney Swans videos

Watch Sydney Swans players in our videos to see how easy it is to be distracted when you use your mobile phone while driving and the consequences you face. Read more