Centre for Road Safety

Speeding? You're in our sights.

Police presence

This ongoing campaign started in 2009.


Primary – all drivers 17 to 49 years.

Secondary – broader NSW community.

Main messages

  • Speeding? You’re in our sights
  • Drink Driving? You’re in our sights
  • Buckle Up! You’re in our sights


The media used included outdoor advertising on taxi-backs, billboards, in print, online, near ATMs and on radio.

Police enforcement

The Enhanced Enforcement Program (EEP) is a localised road safety marketing campaign to support police operations, targeting three main driver behaviours – speeding, drink driving and non-use of seatbelts.

You’re In Our Sights was launched across NSW regional and metropolitan areas.
An important evolution of the EEP in recent years has been the diversification from state-wide operations, particularly around holiday periods, to regional and local operations. These are supported by more localised public education campaigns.

Police enforcement is a crucial element in deterring unsafe road user behaviour and its value is maximised when it is supported by public education campaigns, which raise the awareness of being caught.

Advertising also provides community awareness to encourage drivers not to break the law.

Need to reduce road trauma

In 2011, there were 42,953 recorded road crashes in NSW. Of these 20,241 were casualty crashes, with 364 people killed and 26,366 injured. The estimated cost to the community from the associated trauma and other consequences was about $5.37 billion.

Drink driving remains a road safety issue of concern, particularly in regional NSW. Crashes on country roads accounted for 35 per cent of all crashes but 71 per cent are fatal crashes. In 2011, speeding also contributed to the road toll where at least 41 per cent were fatal crashes.

Non-use of seatbelts is also a major contributor to the road toll and at least of 16 per cent of the motor vehicle occupants killed were not wearing seatbelts. Most of these fatalities were in rural NSW.