Centre for Road Safety

Speed cameras are speed enforcement tools that make drivers slow down and help reduce the road toll. You can find the current locations of fixed, mobile and red-light speed cameras in NSW by selecting the type, location and road.

New fixed speed camera location - January 2017

A fixed speed camera on Heathcote Road, Engadine has been approved and is currently being installed. This location was selected after detailed crash analysis and site review. This location is marked ‘Added January 2017’ in the comment field.

New mobile speed camera locations - January 2017

New mobile speed camera locations have been approved. In total, the 384 new locations cover around 1,800 kilometres of road network, where there have been 9,110 casualty crashes resulting in 133 fatalities and 11,713 injuries, over the five and a half years from 2011 to mid-2016. The locations were selected to meet the criteria in the NSW Speed Camera Strategy and will help reduce crashes in high-risk locations and speeding on NSW roads. New locations are marked ‘Added January 2017’ in the comment field.

The number of hours enforced by mobile speed cameras has not changed.