Centre for Road Safety

Reduce risks for a safer ride

Motorcycle riders are more exposed and risk serious injuries if they are in a crash. With support from motorcycle groups and Roads and Maritime Services, we develop ways to improve motorcycle rider safety. Some of these include:

  • Our Ride to Live campaign to keep motorcyclists safe on our roads. The campaign features the Ride to Live website with hazard tests to check your responses to different risks. There are also tips on a wide range of topics, such as braking distances and selecting the right helmet and protective gear.
  • Safety information about motorcycle lane filtering and the laws that apply in NSW.
  • Signs on popular scenic routes where motorcycle crashes are more frequent, including the Royal National Park, Putty Road and the Wollombi Loop north of Sydney.
  • The Consumer Ratings and Assessment of Safety Helmets to test motorcycle helmets for safety and comfort.
  • A Graduated Licensing Scheme for motorcycle riders
  • Our sponsorship of Motorcycle Awareness Month, part of our partnership with the Motorcycle Council of NSW to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and improve safety for riders and other road users

Protection is important

By choosing safer helmets and riding gear, motorcyclists can ensure they have the best protection, while regular bike maintenance helps keep motorcycles in a safe condition for riding.

Maintaining a three-second gap, scanning the road and setting up are some of the riding tips that can help motorcyclists avoid danger. Riders need to be aware that speedalcohol and fatigue can all increase the risk of having a crash and being injured.

With advances in anti-lock braking systems, riders can improve their safety by choosing one of the increasing number of motorcycles and scooters that offer the option of ABS.

Mobile phones

All motorcyclists must know the rules on mobile phone use. Learner and P1 riders must not use a mobile phone at all while riding.

From 22 January 2016, offenders will accumulate an extra demerit point for illegally using their mobile phone, up from three points to four points. Learner and P1 riders penalised for illegally using a mobile phone (four demerit points) will exceed their demerit point threshold and face a three-month licence suspension.

Working together

We work closely with motorcycle riders and groups including the: