Centre for Road Safety

Take advantage of technology

The right protective gear can turn what might have been a hospital stay into a minor injury. In Australia, more than 200 motorcycle riders and passengers are killed and many more injured in road crashes every year.

Choose an approved helmet and make sure it is the right size to fit your head securely.

High-tech materials offer riders greater comfort and protection than ever before, with venting to keep you cool in summer and zip-in quilted linings providing warmth against the cold.

Denim jeans with a kevlar lining provide basic protection, while leather suits are not only more resistant to abrasion, but are also waterproof. Riders who wear the right protective clothing are less likely to have permanent physical injuries after a crash.

Cover yourself

Choose gauntlet style gloves with strengthened palm areas, knuckle protection and zip or velcro fastening around the wrist. To improve your safety, aim for the best possible protection with riding gear that:

  • Covers your whole body, preferably with abrasion resistant material in vulnerable areas
  • Has impact protectors over the joints
  • Has back protection for your spine, dual density foam is best
  • Has seams with more than one line of stitching, and at least one line of concealed stitching on exposed seams
  • Secures and protects all fasteners from contact with the road in a crash
  • Avoids external pockets or straps that could be potential tear points or become snagged in a crash
  • Protects your feet – leather boots should overlap the pants and protect the shins, ankles and insteps. Zip or velcro fasteners will stop the boot coming off and protective toe covers stop wear when changing gears.
  • Uses insulated, windproof and waterproof materials to protect from the cold
  • Uses reflective or light colours and ventilation to protect from the heat
  • Fits properly so it will remain in place in a crash