Centre for Road Safety

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users.

On the right foot

Pedestrians can be of any age and include joggers, the disabled and mobility impaired, as well as those on wheeled toys or recreational devices such as skateboards, foot scooters and rollerblades.

The users of motorised wheelchairs are also considered pedestrians. Drivers  need to know that pedestrians, especially children, are often difficult to see and their behaviour can be unpredictable.

This can make it challenging for other road users to successfully factor pedestrian safety into the decisions they constantly make as drivers and riders.

To reduce road trauma among vulnerable pedestrians, the Centre for Road Safety develops campaigns to promote the use of safe crossings and educate drivers about the dangers of speeding.

We commissioned research into different aspects of shared path safety in NSW. Our Shared paths document (PDF, 122Kb) has more information on the research findings and summarises the safety issues. For a copy of the full research reports, please use our Contact us form.