Centre for Road Safety

Centre for Road Safety

P-plate drivers

Find out which vehicles you are allowed to drive
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Go Together

Minimum Passing Distance enforces safe space for cyclists
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Road Safety Plan 2021

Reducing fatalities and serious injuries on NSW roads
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Centre for Road Safety News

Safer Roads Program

Use our interactive map to find Safer Roads Program projects in your area that will help reduce road trauma. The map includes projects across NSW that are planned, in progress and completed. Read more

Mobile phone detection cameras

Mobile phone detection cameras, including fixed and transportable cameras, target drivers and riders illegally using a mobile phone across NSW anywhere, anytime. Read more

Swift penalties for drink and drug driving

Drivers caught drink and drug driving by NSW Police may have their licence suspended immediately. Read more

Mobile phone demerit point increase

In NSW, drivers who use a mobile phone illegally will be penalised five demerit points. If caught during double demerit periods, drivers who break the rules will be penalised 10 demerit points. Read more