Centre for Road Safety

Help shape a safer future

Every life matters and that is why our goal is to create a safe transport system where no one is killed or seriously injured. As we are nearing the end of our current Road Safety Plan 2021, Transport for NSW is looking towards the future and working on the 2026 Road Safety Action Plan.

This next plan will build on the effective road safety initiatives already delivered through our current Road Safety Plan 2021.

We are asking everyone in NSW to have their say on road safety, and what is most important to them. No matter what the issue, with your input we can find out firsthand how we can continue to improve the safety of our roads.

Consultation is open until 29 April, so check out how you can help spread the word on road safety in NSW:

  • Complete the Community Attitudes Survey and help spread the message by sharing it with friends and family
  • If you know someone in the areas where community consultation is taking place, share information with them and suggest they register for a session
  • If you can’t make a community consultation, join our online NSW livestream
  • Submit your feedback for the 2026 Road Safety Action Plan on the Towards Zero website and get more information on how we’re working towards our goal of zero fatalities on NSW roads by 2056.

You can also follow us on the NSW Road Safety Facebook page for news and updates.