Centre for Road Safety

Future without road trauma

The Road Safety Plan 2021 sets out priority areas and actions to move us towards achieving the NSW Government’s State Target to reduce fatalities by 30 per cent by 2021. Our aspirational long-term goal is zero trauma on the NSW road network.

The plan will deliver on six priority areas:

  • Saving lives on country roads
  • Liveable and safe urban communities
  • Using the roads safely
  • Building a safer community culture
  • New and proven vehicle technology
  • Building a safe future.

Actions under each of these priority areas represent targeted and proven initiatives that will help us progress towards our road safety goals, addressing key trends, trauma risks and the types of crashes occurring on NSW roads.

You can view the plan on the Towards Zero website.

For updates on the Road Safety Plan 2021, email the Centre for Road Safety at towardszero@transport.nsw.gov.au

You can also follow us on the NSW Road Safety Facebook page for news and updates.