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Our video explains how collision avoidance technology systems will be used in the FleetCAT trial.
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To help make NSW roads and communities safer, our Road Safety Technology team is managing a trial of collision avoidance systems in the NSW state vehicle fleet.

For the FleetCAT trial, collision avoidance technology systems and data collection devices will be installed in State Emergency Service, NSW Public Works and Transport for NSW shared-pool light fleet vehicles.

During the trial, collision avoidance technology devices will be tested in three separate stages over several months. Drivers will also be surveyed to assess their behaviour and acceptance of the technology.

The trial will help determine if collision avoidance technology systems are effective devices and if they are suited to NSW state fleet vehicles. The trial will also help road safety experts quantify how much of a difference the wide spread use of these systems could have on reducing road deaths and serious injuries.


The FleetCAT trial will use the Mobileye collision avoidance technology system. Mobileye is a warning only system that is retrofitted to a vehicle. The system uses a high dynamic range electronic camera to detect its surroundings and give the driver visual and audio warnings.

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