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Centre for Road Safety

Hold tight when walking

The best way to keep young children safe from traffic injuries is to hold their hand or hold them close. By holding onto children, you can stop them running into dangerous situations. Even though children may complain about holding hands, by making family rules about safe walking, explaining them and reinforcing safe behaviour, you will help children learn how to become safer pedestrians.

The right messages

“Whenever we are out walking, we hold hands.”
“If we can’t hold hands, you can keep close by holding onto me, the bag or the stroller.”
“There’s no running ahead.”

Lessons to learn

  • Where it is safe to walk and cross the road
  • When it is safe to walk and cross the road
  • What to look for
  • What to listen for
  • The need to stop and wait at the side of the road before crossing
  • The need to keep checking until they are safely across the road or the driveway