Centre for Road Safety

Text and narrator: Using headlights and fog lights

Narrator: You must not use your headlights on high beam if travelling less than 200 metres behind a vehicle travelling in the same direction, or when less than 200 metres from an oncoming vehicle.

[Animation shows a green car travelling behind a blue car on a straight stretch of road at night. When the green car closes the gap to the blue car in front to 200m, it dims its headlights.]

[On the same stretch of road, the green car and blue car approach each other from opposite directions. When they are 200 metres apart, both cars dim their headlights.]
Narrator: It is an offence to flash your headlights unless the vehicle is being used to respond to an emergency.

Text: Dazzling

[The driver of the blue car shields his eyes with his hand from the powerful lights of an oncoming vehicle.]

Narrator: A driver must not use any light fitted to their vehicle that may dazzle another road user.

Text: Fog lights

[The blue car travels through fog on a country road. The cars headlights are turned on.]

Narrator: You can only use your fog lights if driving in fog, mist, or other atmospheric conditions that restrict your visibility.

[The blue car’s fog lights are turned on.]

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