Centre for Road Safety

Embedding road safety in your organisation

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. In NSW, almost 30 percent of workplace fatalities are a result of road crashes. All organisations have a duty of care under Work Health and Safety law to ensure a safe work environment – this includes when on and around the road.

The Centre for Road Safety has developed Road Safety and Your Work: A Guide for Employers (PDF, 1.6Mb) to help organisations with both large and small fleets establish internal policies and/or guidelines for safe work-related travel. This guide also includes information on how to get around safely when on a motorcycle, bicycle or as a pedestrian.

The guide provides information about key road safety issues and risks, and ways employers can help their workers reach their destination safely. It also provides clear steps to help employers embed road safety within their organisation.

Further supporting resources have been developed to assist organisations on embedding road safety in the workplace:

Our partner, the National Road Safety Partnership Program, has a variety of free resources available for download. These resources consist of fact sheets, posters for display around worksites, case study examples and webinars.

Road safety risk can be reduced by eliminating travel through flexible working, such as working from home, or substituting driving through the use of public transport - visit the Travel Choices website for more sustainable transport ideas.

Embedding a positive road safety culture in your workplace

This webinar includes a panel discussion on employer’s responsibilities as part of the Work Health and Safety Act, behavioural factors faced by workers and industry examples of implementing effective road safety policies in the workplace.

Facilitated by Jerome Carslake, a workplace road safety expert, the webinar explores how Chris Dhu of Essential Energy, and Michael Johnson of Capital and Woodlawn Wind Farms, embed a safer road safety culture within their workplaces. Guest speaker Bernard Carlon, the Executive Director of the Centre’s for Road Safety and Maritime Safety, will discuss how the NSW Government is facilitating policy to bring road trauma Towards Zero. Read a transcript.