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Restricted P1 Provisional licence for selected areas west of the Newell Highway

Under 25-year-old learner drivers living in Brewarrina, Walgett, Bourke, Broken Hill, Balranald and Hay can now apply for a restricted P1 Provisional licence so they can drive to work, education and medical related appointments.

Learners in these areas will be able to apply for the restricted P1 Provisional licence after they have completed 50 hours of on-road supervised driving (including at least 10 hours of night driving), with these hours recorded in their log books.

After you have completed six months on the restricted P1 Provisional licence, the restricted conditions will automatically expire and standard P1 licence conditions will apply for the rest of the P1 period.

The restricted P1 licence will be piloted for two years and allows young people living in remote areas wider access to health, education and work opportunities.

What does the restricted P1 licence offer?

  • You only need to complete 50 hours (instead of the normal 120 hours) of on-road driving experience.
  • After you have completed six months on the restricted P-plate licence, you will automatically go on to a regular red P-plate licence. You will only need to be on this for a minimum of six months before you can apply for your green P-plate licence.
  • You can carry passengers if you are driving for health, education and work purposes, but note that regular red P-plate night-time passenger restrictions apply.

Who can apply for a restricted P1 licence?

The licence will be available to learner drivers who:

  • Have completed 50 hours on-road supervised driving (including at least 10 hours of night driving)
  • Have held their learner licence for 12 months
  • Have passed a driving test

How to apply

If you meet the above criteria, you can book a driving test by calling 13 22 13 or visiting the local Roads and Maritime Services Registry or Service Centre in the selected areas named above.


Trip purpose Where you can drive
  • to or from education facilities/institutions or courses
  • as part of an education course
  • to enroll in an education course
  • to, from and in the course of vocational training
  • to, from or in the course of paid employment
  • seeking paid employment (e.g. a job interview)
  • to, from or in the course of formal community service (e.g. rural fire service or SES)
Medical appointments and/or treatment
  • to or from medical or health support for yourself or another person

Restricted P1 provisional drivers are allowed to take a reasonable break for food, fuel and rest.