Centre for Road Safety

Testing of camera based mobile phone use enforcement technology now underway

As part of the Road Safety Plan 2021, the NSW Government outlined plans to investigate camera based technology to enforce mobile phone use offences.

In May 2018, the NSW Parliament passed legislation to enable the use of evidence from camera-based technology to enforce mobile phone offences, placing NSW in a position to be an early adopter of emerging technology.

Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) are currently working with potential technology providers to test camera technology on the Sydney road network. This testing will assess whether the systems are feasible and could be approved for enforcement purposes.

Infringements are not being issued and will not be issued until the technology is proven to be feasible for enforcement purposes.

If a viable enforcement system is identified, the use of technology will progress to a pilot project.

During the initial testing, images or partial images of vehicles and vehicle occupants will be captured by the technology.

Controls are in place to ensure images are securely stored and then destroyed at the end of the test period, i.e. once assessed to determine suitability for enforcement.

Controls are also in place to ensure that images, registration plate numbers or other data collected cannot be linked to RMS databases, to prevent identification of the driver or occupants of the vehicles.