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The transition from full-time driving can often make us fearful of losing our mobility and independence, but there are many services to help us adjust to the changes in lifestyle.

This list includes organisations that can help you with specific needs or provide you with other transport  options:

Dementia Australia

The Dementia Australia website has support and resources for people with dementia, their families and carers, or phone 1800 100 500.

Carers NSW

The Carers NSW website provides information, support and counselling for carers in NSW, or phone 1800 242 636

Community Transport

The Transport for NSW website has more information on community transport services and programs across NSW.

Dementia and Driving Decision Aid

Visit the University of Wollongong website to download this guide. For more information and resources, email dementia-driving@uow.edu.au

Independent Living Centre NSW

The Independent Living Centre NSW website provides information and advice about mobility scooters and other equipment. Call 1300 452 679 for details.


Visit the Lifeline website or phone 13 11 14 for 24-hour suicide prevention and crisis support services.

My Aged Care

Visit the My Aged Care website or phone 1800 200 422 for general information and referral service for seniors, their families and carers.

NSW Seniors Card

Visit the Seniors Card website or phone 13 77 88 for details about  concessions on NSW Government transport and travel and business discounts.

Seniors Information Service

Visit the Family and Community Services Office for Ageing website or phone 13 77 88 for a range of resources to assist seniors of all ages.

Service NSW

On the Service NSW website you can pay for your licence or vehicle registration and book a licence test. Phone 13 77 88 for details.

Opal card

Visit the Opal card website or phone 13 67 25 for information on the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card.

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW

Watch our video animations of the most misunderstood road rules.

Driver licences

Visit the Transport for NSW website or phone 13 22 13 for detailed information on the NSW driver licensing system.

Transport Info

Visit the Transport Info website or phone 131 500 for fare, timetable and accessibility information on trains, buses, ferries and light rail.