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Centre for Road Safety

Motorcycles are a popular form of city transport and offer enjoyable recreational riding in the country. However, if you haven’t ridden for a while, or you are riding your motorcycle less often, you may face a greater risk of having a crash. Consider refining your riding skills and use our tips to stay safe.

Check your gear

As we age we are more susceptible to injury so always wear full protective gear, including gloves, jacket, boots and the safest helmet you can afford. You can check the safety rating of your helmet at the Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets website.

Be a risk manager

When you ride there are things you can do to better manage your risk:

City riding

As motorcyclists can be difficult to see in traffic, you need to  plan ahead to react and respond safely to unexpected situations. Scan for potential hazards to give you more time to react to
dangers. Create a buffer between you and any potential hazard to give you more space to plan your reaction and respond safely.

Country riding

Plan recreational rides so that you are familiar with roads and riding  conditions.  Long  winding roads and sharp corners require extra care. To improve your vision and safety, make sure you slow down and approach each corner from the widest point. As you round the corner, keep to the
centre of the lane, away from any oncoming traffic.

Warning signs

Pull over and take a break if you experience:

  • Running wide on a corner
  • Daydreaming
  • Rough gear changes
  • Dry mouth
  • Missing a road sign
  • Stiff joints

More information

Visit the Ride To Live website where you will find riding, safety and first aid tips, plus a trip planner of great NSW rides.