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Centre for Road Safety

Upgrade to a safer vehicle

The Safer Cars for Country Kids program will help get young drivers in regional NSW into newer and safer vehicles by providing a $5,000 subsidy for up to 1,000 young drivers to help them buy a safer car.

In the second half of 2023, the program will begin with a trial for up to 50 young people, providing feedback before it is rolled out to more regional areas across the state.

Forty three per cent of cars driven by young drivers in fatal crashes are more than 15 years old. Rural areas are often less quick in the uptake of five-star Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) rated light vehicles.

Many young drivers are more likely to inherit an old family car, or buy an older, cheaper or less safe vehicle as their first car. These vehicles may be more affordable but are not as safe as newer models that have advanced safety technologies. Young people living in the country face higher risks on our roads, often spending more time on the road, driving longer distances and travelling on higher speed roads.

The program aims to get younger and less experienced drivers into newer light vehicles with advanced safety features that help reduce crashes.

Advanced safety features in newer vehicles have been proven to reduce crashes and may include:

About the program

The program details and eligibility criteria include:

  • Participants under 25 years old and live in a regional area of NSW
  • Hold a valid NSW driver licence
  • Be the registered owner of a car 16 years or older that is unrated or has a 1 or 2 star used car safety rating
  • $5,000 towards a new or safer used car
  • Rebate for up to 1,000 young drivers

Detailed eligibility criteria and further details of the program, including how to apply, will be available before the trial begins in the second half of 2023. Please refer back to this web page for further updates.

Find out more about safe vehicles on the Towards Zero website.